Tuesday, April 6, 2010

{breakfast rut?}

Okay I have a confession. I'm pretty okay with that. Hey, at least I'm being honest. But I think I am entering on the verge of weirdo here with this one. So for the last, mmmm lets say probably five months I have been eating one of these every morning with a half a glass of milk for breakfast. Is that strange? It is a Special K protein bar and far some reason it is the only thing that keeps me going until lunch time, and the only thing that I can stomach. The only thing I am noticing now is just how expensive it is. It is $5.44 for every box of six. I usually get two at a time just to take me through a couple of weeks. Do you guys have any breakfasts ruts? Healthy, unhealthy? Also, I would really love it if someone could suggest a good recipe to make something similar but wouldn't end up costing an arm and a leg after I am through with it. Kind of feeling guilty about that. =( So any ideas? I would love them.


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