Wednesday, April 7, 2010

{the adventures continue}

So this past weekend I enjoyed just being goofy and soaking up all of the beautiful Saturday. A Saturday I probably should have spent curled up in bed because I was pretty darn sick. But heck, what are you to do when you are faced with an adventure? Go for it I tell you! Go for it!! So when he called to suggest such said adventure I leapt at the opportunity and off we went. Gooseberry State Park is one of the many beautiful natural reserves up along Highway 61 of the Scenic North Shore. Just today in fact, I told a coworker of my adventure and she said that her great grandpa during the depression used to camp out in Gooseberry and actually lived there with his family within the reserve because his house had been repossesed by the government. Talk about tough times. But I can see a silver lining in it. Imagine growing up in one of the most beautiful places around? Wow, truly a blessing! It really is.
So, to continue on with my story, I will recap it for you now in pictures and as always, narrate if you so wish. =)

Up on the top deck more or less. Watching the water crest over the edge and fall.

Isn't that bridge just the neatest thing? It was pretty dreary when we first started walking.

Another really neat view from the top looking down a bit.

Into the woods. All of the tree roots were grabbing on tightly to the neighboring rock. It made me feel like I was in the movie Last of the Mohicans. We walked and walked along the edge of the river.

All that powerful rushing water. You could feel the spray as you stood next to it.

Look as it eddys and swirls!

The trees were mysteriously shrouded.

Isn't this a lovely White Pine?


Highway 61 straddles the Gooseberry Falls. Isn't that incredible? Bikers and walkers can actually walk under the highway and enjoy the scenary. =)

This stream feeds the big falls. Amazing uh? This is up the hill a bit and the bank is filled with soft tiny pebbles. Some of which were very lovely agates.

Now that is COOL!

This is looking into and towards the marshy area. In the far off distance is where the highland is. There are some beautiful walking trails up there.

Then, quite suddenly we happened upon three deer. As you can see we were very close.  I think that being down wind gave us an advantage.

Deer butts. Aren't they cute? LOL! =)

This is a view of the falls from the highland. Isn't that stunning? You can see too that the sun finally came out. It was warm and the area was all springing with growth.

Isn't that just lovely? This is one of the upper falls and I think one of my favorite pictures.


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