Monday, March 29, 2010

{the adventures begin!!!}

(Lake Avenue on Sunday walking with Nathan)

So! Yes, I am back in business. Well, Emme business that is. Pushing the clouds away and letting the sunshine in. Spring cleaning will do that for you and that is what I did ALOT of this past weekend cleaning, well that and getting our house ready to sell because mother dear is moving to Florida with Ashley (youngest sister) and Laura and I are going to be snuggling down in a rather quaint abode and becoming very content little mice in a fantastic cozy nutshell (more to come on that as the plans unravel). So, as I began this post here are the pictures that I have taken. Oh and a picture of my messy desk as well. You really should just close your eyes, its appalling. Tsk, tsk, tsk. =) But I will narrate as I am sure you are all excited for me to do =). So on with the Emme Adventures!!! (oh by the way... I am eating a full container of fresh strawberries right now... okay they may not be fresh but heck, I'll do anything to feel summer right now. I have a bowl of sugar on my right and my bowl of strawberries on my left. Pick, dip, and pop. Num. Couldn't  be more lovely. Shhhhh... don't tell the girls. =)  )

 The beautiful blue sky. The wind was coming right up off that lake and it was FREEZING! Brrrrr! My hands were as red as tomatoes.

The lovely Lift Brige!

A booey that got tossed up onto shore with the big pieces of ice this winter and thrown up on the rocks. Those are some powerful waves! Whoa!!!

The wind was really whippin' and boy was it cold! You should have seen these waves up close! It takes your breath away. =) So beautiful!

Look at that lovely shoreline! You can see the waves kicking up on the rocks.

Part of the Lake Walk is under contruction right now so it is just gravel. But come summer it will be a board walk like the rest of it. If I remember correctly it is nearly five miles long.

See this beautiful mural? It is made up of millions and millions of blue, white and black tiles. Little tiles that are only 2" x 2". They are pictures of big ore boats, minors, storms, big waves and the Duluth Depot Train (which is why you can see the set of tracks there near the bottom of the picture behind the fence.)

This is known as the "Sunken Ice House" by locals but to me it looks more like a cript. I will explain more about the ice house on a later post. =) It's pretty neat. Kids during the summer will swim out to it and climb up to the top and dive into the water. Very dangerous but really fun at the same time, I'm sure.

This is one of my favorite spots. The big central clock. Behind it up on the hill is Old Central High School. It was the back drop for the closing shots of the Iron Will movie. Cool uh? 

Okay, yes, I am shamelessly promoting Caribou Coffee here. But I am completely obsessed and I wanted you to see where I spend most of my time hanging out... =) and to show you what a Caribou looks like in Duluth Canal Park.

Here is the inside. This is where I get all my fun cards. See the honey jar there in the right hand corner? Yep, when they see me coming through the doors they hide the jar. This time I think they forgot. I'm kind of into honey, ALOT! Mmmmmhmmmm.... yep, little honey bear. LOL! =)

My new favorite drink! Passion Fruit Green Tea Smoothie. Okay... don't even tell me how many calories are in this thing because I have had three already this week. Well, one on Saturday, one yesterday with Nathan and then another with mother dear today. That's her in the background enjoying her latte. Yeah... I said the same thing. Messy.... =)

So that was my adventure this weekend and tonight. I have a few more fun pictures to share with you tomorrow. Can't give them away all in one night now can I? Nope, just wouldn't be fair. =) Here are a few fun facts about Lake Superior for you in case you are intersted.

Bon Voyage! Off to new adventures I go! Well, that simply means off to dream land. I'm one tired little Emme. =)

Lake Superior Fun Facts:
Length: 350 miles / 563 km
Breadth: 160 miles / 257 km.
Average depth: 483 ft. / 147 m.
Maximum depth: 1, 332 ft. / 406 m.
Volume: 2,900 cubic miles / 12, 100 cubic km.
Water surface area: 31,700 sq. miles / 82,100 sq. km.
Drainage basin area: 49,300 sq. miles / 127,700 sq. km.
Shoreline length (including islands): 2,726 miles / 4,385 km.
Elevation: 600 ft / 183 m.
Outlet: St. Mary's River to Lake Huron

Oh! And I bet you thought I almost forgot. Yep, here is my messy desk. Yes, I know. I do have two monitors. But I use them both every day, all day long. When you are cordinating between eighteen calendars of administrators and scheduling flights, agendas and initiaries, having two monitors really makes a world of difference. =)


Jack said...

I'm always amazed at the enormity of the great lakes, especially Lake Superior.

Thanks for sharing your outing with us. I enjoyed walking along the shore with you.


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