Tuesday, March 30, 2010

{got the sniffles}

Darn. Another cold. Well hopefully this one won't last for three weeks. Woke up very early with an excruciating sore throat. I HATE that. What a way to wake up. =( So, here I go popping the zinc and vitamins. I really need to go home today and just sleep. Went to bed too late last night going through pictures and laughing over hilarious text messages from my friend.

Otherwise, today it is another stunner. The sun makes you melt in its presence and the sky is colbalt with wispy clouds tracing currents in the sky. Makes me wish for just an instant (okay maybe a little longer) that I could be a lark flying high in those fantastical clouds and then swinging down to earth again to breath in the fragrant budding ground. Mmmmmm.... closing my eyes now just to imagine it.

"You will rise up on wings like eagles, you will run and not grow weary you will walk and not grow faint."  
Isaiah 40:31

What a wonderful day in store. Hey, do you remember last year's egg decorating party? Well us girls are going to be having another one this year too, on Friday night in fact. We have rented the Wizard of Oz as a fun flick and we will have treats and popcorn as we dye away. It will be a blast for sure. Looking forward to posting those pictures. =)

Happy day to you all!


Jack said...

Sorry your feeling under the weather today. Hopefully it will be a fast moving bug and you will be better by Friday {hugs}

The Wizard of Oz is a fun flick... perfect for an egg decorating party :)

Emily said...

Thank you Jack for the well wishes. Hate colds especially since I just got over one three weeks ago. Must be stress or something. Too much running around. =)

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