Monday, March 29, 2010

{still being really naughty}

Okay so I am STILL having issues with my software. On to a new computer is what I think I have to do. What a huge bummer too, because I took some great pictures with my friend Nathan this weekend as we walked around Canal Park and the Lake Walk. But I think I have a hunch of what went wrong. Yep. It's probably one little glitch and that is it. So onward and upward people. Onward and upward. =)

So what is everyone doing this Monday? It is beautiful and sunny in Duluth today. The air is a little crisp yet but that is only because the wind is blowing off the lake. Do you know, (now this is a fun fact!) that Duluthians don't need to have air conditioners in their homes if they live by the lake. Yep and the reason is because it is always about 15 degrees cooler and so the summers are pleasant and sometimes on the edge of being pretty chilly all the time.  How cool is that right? No extra money going out the door to pay for the energy to cool your house down.

So this whole week is going to be busy. I work for a college in Duluth and right now the president I am working for is retiring. After completing a national search to find a new president they are doing all of the interviews this week. My job is to attend the open forums, make sure breakfast, lunch and dinner is ordered and delivered on time and that the committee of 15 members has everything they need. Fun stuff but it keeps me running. So right now I will take a picture of my desk so you can all get an idea of what my work space looks like. Man alive, I have so much paper and post-it-notes on it right now that I can't see anything. LOL! I may be seriously swallowed alive by post-it-notes. Now wouldn't that be a humorous obituary? Well I suppose then it would have to be either one really LARGE post-it or I would have to be one very small person, otherwise I'm telling you right now it wouldn't work. =)

So off I go to finish my slaving away on faculty and staff personel budgets. Oh yes, yearly budgets. So not fun. =)

Photo courtesy of Greg Rob


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