Wednesday, March 3, 2010

{take my breath away}

Yep, that is what a good darn old fashioned cold will do to yah. Take your breath away. Yep, and you all thought that I was going to say something really cool didn't yah. WRONG! Well, laugh. Because I am. Well you have to when you feel like your whole chest is going to burn up from coughing at night and your nose will fall off from blowing it so often. Hate colds and I hate even worse the after effects of a cold. You know. I am walking down the hall way and the first chair I see is my dearest friend. I'm winded! So I better learn to take it easy and just, breathe. Because as I joked the other day, breathing is good. I don't want to turn purple or blue or any other color because I'm not breathing. Gosh, you would think it was a pretty easy thing to remember to do, breathe. But recently, I've felt like it has been the hardest thing in the world. Busy, running, doing, thinking, wishing, hoping, working, running again and then, sleep. Blissful, peaceful sleep. But I have to remember to breathe. Not hold my breath when I get nervous and take moments out of my day just to let it all go and just relax. Not on work, not on the project that is waiting for when I get home but just me. See, peaceful already. =)


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