Thursday, March 4, 2010

{no see-um}

Yep, I get it. Where are all the pictures? The pictures I promised to be posting of my everyday adventures? Sorry. Lets just give you a round-up of a normal day.

I wake up every morning at six. Now, most of you are pretty familiar with the fact that I am NOT a morning person. I've gotten better that is for sure. But still, my body doesn't like me in the morning. "Please, please, just a few more minutes." And I know that if I gave in I would accidently fall back to sleep and probably not wake up again until ten. I'm so bad. So after all that madness, I slip out quietly and go to my window to open up the shade, hoping beyond hope that it won't be foggy, like it was this morning, so I can have some of that sunshine pour on my face and wake me up. So you can guess what this morning was like. Well, it was foggy. Yep. And in the midst of all my morning madness I continually forget to bring my camera along. It is sitting right there too, right on my nightstand ready to go, all charged up and happy. Alas, I am a very bad blogger, breaking my blogger promises to share with you my otherwise crazy, normal, adventurous life on the edge of blonde sanity. Does that sentence make any sense? Nope. But who cares, right now, I don't have enough energy to play toggle with the backspace key. So it remains a fact. I have let you all down. I know it too, because I keep getting emails from you asking for fun stuff. My bad.

So this weekend, to help you all regain your trust in me, I am hopping around mad about town to take some really cool pictures. So get ready for another adventure. It will be a sweet one for sure!


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