Friday, March 26, 2010

{happy friday and good news!}

Happy Friday!

Yes, and my good news. So being a busy beaver as I have been lately has put my photography on the side lines. I do have pictures, GREAT pictures. My problem? Getting laptop time to actually post them for you AND having to RELOAD the darn software EVERY time I go on to take pictures off my camera. Drives me nuts. So, this evening, I WILL post pictures and fulfill my promise to you all by posting them. Thank you for your patience and yes, for your comments. Keep them coming. I never fathomed before just how theraputic having a blog would be. I have sooo enjoyed it. 

Blog love today... 

1. Susan at Farmgirl Fare is enjoying the spring gift of two new baby lambs! Brings all those memories back of being on the farm.
2. Taza and Husband are just too cute!
3. Jack makes me continually think about the bigger picture.
4. Loving this new line! Must have. Well, when payday gets here. Shoot what am I thinking. Dreamer. LOL! :-)
5.  This site gets me excited about decorating my new place.
6. This is going to be mine soon... I get a white one. YAY!  :-)

So happy Friday folks! Anything going on in your neck of the woods?

Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living


Jack said...

I am so excited to seeing your photos!!! Thanks for link♥ today :D

I just ordered a Holgo on Monday. Anxiously waiting to get my hands on it and see what photos I get from it.

Hope your weekend is smashing.

Callie said...

Hope to see your photos and hope you don't have any problems with the software.

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