Wednesday, March 24, 2010

{smiling from ear to ear}

It is amazing what a little sunshine will do for yah. I mean seriously, if I didn't get outside every day like I have been this last week I know I wouldn't be feeling so good. The sky is a crisp blue with little wispy clouds flitting in and out. The sun cradled in this blue blanket shines strongly and throws bursts of light and sparkles onto a warming Lake. My Lake. My secret pleasure? Being able to steal away into my bosses office and look out the window at the view. Yes, the whole view.... the Lake, the bay, the Lift Bridge. Everything. Makes me smile. Makes me glad to have a place I can call my home and still at the same time always get the happy and exciting jitters of knowing that it is mine to behold. Mine to enjoy and mine to go and explore. Lovely spring and lovely crisp, frozen air of my Lake Superior. Mmmmhmmmmm. :-)


Jack said...

This is a beautiful entry, very eloquently written. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Last week was filled with glorious sun, we even had a day go up to 18ÂșC.

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