Sunday, February 14, 2010

{snow angel}

Today, I did something for myself that I wish I could do everyday. You will laugh, you might even think I am crazy, but for me, spending time out in the falling snow is one of those things that absolutely thrills me to the core. So that is exactly what I did. So all bundled up after church, me and my sister walked arm in arm down to the Canal. The snow was falling really hard and it was magical. Like my small life was being viewed in action from the curious eyes of a child through a snow globe. Someone very dear to my heart, refers to me as a snow angel. He must be right, in fact I know he is. As I looked out over that icy, slate blue lake, the snow flakes falling down all around me, I couldn't help but hold my breath and close my eyes. Listening to the ice bump and crash unto each other as the waves hit them sent shivers up my spine. I was in my favorite spot. At home, on MY lake, being decorated by that beautiful snow. I couldn't be happier nor I think could I feel more at peace. I have found what makes me tick, well one of the things that makes my life tick, anyway. I am living a purposefully lead life. Discovering it has been a wonderful miracle. Enjoying it has been a blessing. Loving and being loved has made all the difference. Bring it on world, bring it on!


Jack said...

An inspiring post...

Bring it on, indeed!

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