Monday, January 25, 2010

{part two to discovery}

A continuation of my story...

Part II: Saving Dear Little Friends

~All little girls, at least once in their life, delight in the idea of being part of the rescue of some small, helpless creature. She was no different and she found such a creature on one of her many adventures alongside the Siberian pea shrubs, braiding violet stems together into lovely rings and necklaces. She carried with her a homemade patchwork purse. Its design she remembers quite fondly as having blue and yellow flowers in a patterned Mayfield celebration. It just so happened that on that fine day in May, cool and growing with the anticipation of spring was the discovery of a dear, lonely little mouse underneath that said pea shrub.

Looking back now, I am sure that the poor little darling was still cold and rather incoherent due to the early morning frost. But this little mouse became her dearest and best friend and so she picked him up and placed him gently inside her patchwork purse, along with all her posy rings and went inside for her afternoon nap.

As your imagination can only begin to understand, you are correct in your assumption that yes the little mouse who found a happy refuge in her purse was now with her in her mother’s bed, enjoying a nap alongside the slumbering girl. Oh and how the little girl hated naps! How could you be so cruel especially when there was so much to discover and know outside! Naps always felt like a horrible punishment. She never remained with her head on the pillow for long. Instead, she would run to the window, press her nose to the glass and peer outside counting the rows of flowers or wondering how fat bumble bees flew. However, this adventure would end up a little differently than in the past. This time she had an audience.

Her dear great aunt, a lovely lady who would often come to visit and enjoy in a tête-à-tête noticed the colorful purse of the young girl and asked with much curiosity the contents within. Oh how delighted the young girl was to share with her family her little friend! So without further delay she opened the purse and out tumbled the nearly dead mouse! A short pitched gasp with an arch of the eyebrows led the little girl to believe that her little friend wasn’t as welcome as she first thought he would be. Her dear mother, sweetly and kindly cradled the purse within her arms and with great care and formality opened the front door and helped the little mouse back into the pea shrubs to, “be with his family that missed him so.” Oh yes, and there were tears indeed, tears due to losing her dear little friend. Yet she could not think of keeping him from his mother so she agreed to part with him. Lessons, though early in her life of love and loss were learned simply that day. If only she knew just how much her heart would learn of those two impetuous foes in her future. ~


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