Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{she is REALLY crabby}

This is Lucy, our ten year old Papillion who as you can tell is very crabby right now. I don't know what her deal has been lately, but she is just plain crabby. Or maybe she is just crabby at me. See, I love trying to make her pose for pictures. Except everytime I come around the corner when she is doing something cute she always turns her little smile into a scowl and turns her head away from me. Okay! I get it! You are such a little diva that you won't even let me take your picture! What a little stinker. Makes me want to squeeze her, which she also hates. Gosh, to someday have a little lap buddy that loves cuddling, hmmm... wait, I think I already have one now that I think of it. =)

Okay, I already know what you are thinking too, what the HECK is up with that carpet? If you look at the dining room in its full capacity you don't even notice it. But my gosh did I ever notice it after coming from an all white Florida palette for two and a half weeks. I literally thought my eyeballs were going to pop out of my eye sockets when  I came through the door. BUSY! Oh well, I'm starting to get used to it again. Hahaha....


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