Friday, November 20, 2009

{you're getting warmer}

I must admit. I am sooo gosh darn excited about going to Florida for Christmas that I think people are starting to wonder what's up with my face. "Why is it so... so...." "Happy looking?" I reply. Oh yeah... they must know too because I am so in love with the idea of just getting out of here for nearly two weeks and getting some much needed sun. Happy Day! =) I am going to get a green with envy tan, eat as many tropical fruits as I can, and kiss of manatee. Ewwww... wait a minute. Did I just say that? Yep, I did. Well, I think I meant it. Yep, I did. I LOVE manatees. They are sooo cuuuuute! I wonder if that word is short for "Man" in a "tee" does that make any sense to you? Okay... it doesn't to me either. Just had to mention it. LOL!

So today I had a blast doing this.... yeah... I bet you asked him to do some things he didn't want to do either. But please if you do ask him anything, ask him to whack down the tree. Yep... you might have to ask him a couple of times but he will do it. =) I laughed so hard today that I nearly fell off my chair in hysteria. It is really that funny. ENJOY! I spent a good portion of the day at my desk making him do things. My coworker, who apparently has way more time on his hands kept testing him to see exactly what he would do. Then running around the corner to my desk to tell me. STOP IT! Honestly, I was laughing my head off!

Hope you have a very happy rest of your Friday and a splendid and relaxing weekend!



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