Friday, November 20, 2009

{just a little heads up}

I'M NUTS! (followed by very, VERY nervous and shaky laughter, while she grabs her head)

Okay... just in case you didn't notice, it is not fall or even winter here in the Northland. In fact, it is spring. Okay I know... you are all scratching your heads wandering if the pure insanity of my last few days as an undergraduate student have messed with my common sense. Honestly I wouldn't disagree with you too much there. I actually did go as far to say today that I have gone insane. So whether or not you choose to read the rest of this post is totally up to you. But on the other hand, I am not lying either. It is spring. It was fifty degrees here today. First off that is absolutey UNHEARD of. Second off, we don't have any snow on the ground. Thirdly, we haven't had a good frost. Fourthly (I bet you are wondering how far I am going to take this, have some patience) FOURTHLY, (Eh hem) two radio stations are playing Christmas music and it is NOT even CHRISTMAS YET! Or past Thanksgiving for that matter. Wow... a little ranty this evening. There is something about playing Christmas music a whole three weeks early that is very unChristmasey to me. I know... go ahead and start waving your Grinchy finger at me. I am not and therefore refuse to be called, a Grinch. Fifthly... (okay is that even a word, did I even spell that right?) I wake up every morning to head off to work and the air is balmy. BALMY! Like tropical balmy. Someone, and who ever it is, is tampering with the areas thermostat and although I guess I can't complain (because who doesn't mind one less day of shoveling snow) but a lack of snow makes me feel Grinchy. Okay I said it and I have admitted it. I am a snowless Grinchy person. Wow... self realization is so freeing! You do not live purposefully "up north" like I do, (I know you all think I'm nuts now for sure, yes, I did say "purposefully") and not have snow on the ground. After work today, me and my sister Ashley went to Barnes and Noble to check on some new additions in the new release isle. She was swooning over the Twilight table (I don't get what is soo cool about being MAULED by a vampire, so shoot me!)  and I fell (yep almost literally) on to the arctiv exhibition table. I was seriously swooning. So I told her very seriously and very outright that if it didn't start cooling down around here I was going to move to the arctic where they have "real" winters.

Now for anyone who has read my blog for any length of time will remember that I have a fascination for cold climates. The people, the habitats, the animals the weather. Oh yes, the weather is my favorite. Bring it on, blizzard! I told her I love the cold and she said as nicely but as snotty as any younger sister would say, "You are nuts!" Yep, so I am. Nutty older sister of the year award has just been given to me EMILY! Yay! I am so excited. I will very proudly display my plaque of nuttiness on my bedroom wall as a testament to my normalcy. I still dream of moving to Michigan. There they get feet and feet of snow at one time. ONE TIME! How wonderfully exhilerating and enchanting. I love it!

Okay... I think I have to go to bed now. So ends the rants of a sleepless, nutty, undergraduate student who has sadly but most definitely lost her marbles. And yes, Professor Hoffman, I will be sending you my bills for mental counseling. No one, and I mean no one would be able to put up with your rantings. Ph.D. in Economics my foot! Please.... people... if I ever consider to even think of getting anything close to a Ph.D. in economics shoot me. You would be doing yourself and your children and their children a favor. Economics twists people up. Really bad. Just ask my classmates. I haven't been the same since. =)


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