Tuesday, November 17, 2009

{interesting observations}

It's strange how things change. It suddenly sweeps up behind you, sometimes taking your breath away, frightful at times, worrisome, and sometimes making you smile. I don't think I like change much. Not that I am a stick in the mud in the least, but I do like major things I would say for the most part to remain the same. Like where you live... dear family members.... health....happiness. I know things change. It can just be hard to accept them sometimes, or not.

I have two pregnant coworkers in my office suite. It is so cool to see them changing. Both of their tummies are starting to take shape and with each new ultrasound comes another story of wonderful development and hopes. I love that they can share their little dreams with me and I am so excited to see the change in them. I can applaud their growth, listen to the stories, nightmares, even cravings.

So it is interesting how change comes upon us, isn't it? Change is all around me these days. Change of space, change of mind, change of friends, change of loves, change of heart, change of weather and change of me. Major changes in me. I have had some wonderful revelations lately about myself. Things I never though could happen to me. Things I never thought could change. You know those things about yourself that you wish you could change? Attitude, body shape, hair style, voice.

I didn't know until recently, just how big my heart had truly become. Just how much I love my body the way it is and never want to change it. How my curly hair used to drive me nuts, but now I can't imagine ever straitening it and how my voice used to speak all about me but now speaks of the lives of others. I love this new found change in myself. This is change I am excited about and this is change I am open to. So much wonderful change and I am excited to be living in this time right now where I can appreciate it. Nothing is making me more excited right now then the prospect of living out my life just like I am now, changing and turning and growing into a more fuller version of who I was born to be. Just like a kaleidoscope. My like taking beautiful shape!


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