Wednesday, November 4, 2009

{icky, unwanted candy, please help!}

Alright... so it is five days since Halloween and still our office suite is filled with candy. Well, that is all of the deadbeat candy. You know, the type that no one eats but still buys because they think someone else will eat it? Yep... gross. So that is what I am facing today. What to do with all this leftover, deadbeat, unedible (in my opinion) candy. Gosh, so being the little creative genius I am, I shuffled myself over to the computer to do some very happy blogger hopping and find out if anyone else was facing the same problem. Because it just wouldn't be right to throw it out, would it? What a horrible waste, right? So okay my searching was rather doomed. First off who could ever donate their unwanted, nasty-nobody-likes-that-kind-of-candy to the troops as this newspaper quoted. Or, heck, sell your candy to your dentists office. Are you seriously kidding me? They would just smack you! Well, I know that my sister who is dental student would smack me. What a stupid idea! Okay... I guess it isn't that stupid because one dentists office actually did buy some.

But still no luck... how can I creatively get rid of my candy? Hmmmmm.....that is until I found this... a very lame article on crafting with candy. Come on people! Not even any fun pictures. So if any of you have a really fun, creative way of crafting with leftover Halloween candy give me a heads up. Create it, take a picture of it and send it my way through an email. I would like to post your good ideas, and for all of your hard work, I would like to send you a fun surprise in exchange! Something to maybe put all that candy in next year! LOL!


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