Thursday, November 12, 2009

{deeply inspired}

I've been writing alot lately... It is a great outlet for me. I can smile in my writing, cry, dream, and imagine hope unto the page. I wonder sometimes, about all the writers out there, especially all of those who have passed on. Like Tennyson, Byron, Keats, Dickinson and Shelley. Could they possibly understand the depths that they forged or the heights that they reached through their words? It is amazing how events shift and change our lives. We go on living, breathing, creating, and dying every day just like everyone. Yet, I don't think there are many of us who actually take the necessary moments to look upon the lives that we have changed because of our living. We always see these legacies of great heroes. We read about them, are taught about them, and are told to live our lives graced by their shadows. Florence Nightingale, Thomas Edison, Beethoven, Abigail Adams. All amazing figures, all heros in their own right.  Yet, I feel for certain that today, in my blog world, I am surrounded by such figures. Women and men alike who share their stories to the world. Maybe to not receive any sort of recognition but to just hear their hearts voice in written word.

Like I said, I have been writing, and sometimes it is not so much what you write but how you write it that makes the whole difference. I have started a memior of my childhood. I have twenty-eight pages of memories stemming from the farm, to stories of dreams and happy times that spoke into my life and into the lives of those around me. I hope to finish it after graduation and have it printed and bound. It most likely will not be read by anyone. But one thing I do know. It is burning to be told, even if it just remains my story, hidden away somewhere in a pile of dusty forgotten paperes. Papers that no one will see or care for until after I am gone. Maybe those dear stories won't be anything but just memories to those who read them. But maybe for one person it will mean the world.

I had a really interesting conversation with a coworker today.... we talked about holidays and celebrations. Alot of holidays are hard and painful for alot of people. They bring up painful memories, loneliness, and withdrawal from maybe those they once had been connected to. The question I got was, "What is there to celebrate?" Wow... what a loaded question. Sometimes I feel the same way. Everything is so commercialized now. It is not about being thankful so much at Thanksgiving as it is preparing your Christmas lists for the things you want. It isn't so much celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ at Easter but worrying over whether or not the kids are going to die from a marshmallow Peep overdose and if that ham is baked just so for Aunty Martha. Christmas is a scramble of checking off lists. Honestly, I can't even remember a Christmas that wasn't hurried. I am looking forward to this one though. Guess what? Can you keep a secret? All of us girls are going to Florida with Papa Stephen. That is right! We are going to spend two weeks in sunny Florida with the most wonderful Papa you have ever known. Us girls are just giddy with excitement. Can you imagine? What a wonderful time! Music, wonderful food, Papa Stephen hugs, and listening to all of his wonderful stories of Scottyland. Absolutey cannot wait!!!! YAY!

So I will leave you on this note... what is there to celebrate? Celebrate life. Celebrate the life around you. Your children's lives, your husband or loved one. The health of your family. Your breathing, your waking and doing. Don't let anything pass you by. Live everything to its fullest. Don't hold back and don't forget. Live now, and do it with everything that is in you. You won't regret that. You never could. You know why? Because you lived in the moment and no one can ever criticize you of that. Ever. In fact, they will envy you living your life. Now that is something to smile about. =)


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