Monday, November 2, 2009

{somtimes you just need to laugh}

... and laugh as hard as you can. I laughed so hard today over this clip from You Tube (all good stuff, nothing icky, okay?) that I had streams of tears running down my cheeks and my coworker, well, lets just say, that it could have been messy. Sometimes a good laugh can be hard to come by especially right now when things in the world seem to be rather dark and foreboding.

So long time no speakum! Honestly, I have been one busy lady. From finishing up the last term of classes to starting my new and last term EVER as an undergraduate student tonight. Okay.... 44 days to go people! I can do this! Almost done! So thank you for hanging in blogger space with me. I will be a more regular poster in the future, I promise, otherwise, I might get a size nine on my backside from Papa Stephen! =)

So how was everyone's Halloween? Mine was rather uneventful in the candy arena but I must say I had a pretty wonderful and harried time outside driving fifteen foot steaks into the ground so that I could wrap snow fencing around some cedar trees. There I was agian, hanging off this ladder with one hand holding a steak steady while I drove it with another hand that held the sledge hammer. Then, my other free right leg was curled around one of the rungs of the ladder so that I could stretch out as far as I could to start hammering. People must think we are nuts! After driving in about 3/4 of the steaks my sister, Laura, has the bright idea that she would like to help. Okay, so I let her. Well, if you have ever heard so much COMPLAINING! First she got stuck in a tree. Then she almost fell off the ladder and hung herself with her earphones from her iPod. Then, instead of being able to whack that steak in good she just starts hitting it lightly and giggling nervously as she asks me, "Is it going in?" Oh yeah... NO! I don't know how it could. When did my sisters become such girly-girls and when did I become such a He-woman? Ha? I ask you! Well, so it was and so was my day, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Super fun work. Now, if I can just convince my mom that hanging off the second story roof to clean out the gutters from all the fall leaves is okay, I will call it a pretty perfect day. Hahaha.... =) just kidding mom!

This poor guy in the photo.... yep... that is kind of what it looks like! LOL!


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