Thursday, October 1, 2009

{cooking... i am soooo proud of myself!}

Okay... so as you can imagine... cooking has been one of those hit and miss things lately. More miss then hit, I will admit. Hey... don't blame me (although I know you don't). What is a busy working woman/full time college student supposed to do? Well, not cooking. That is definitely NOT on her list of things to do. But last night I had a blast becuase I made a dinner from scratch and all by myself too! YAY!
So here is the deal. A lovely coworker of mine is sick, you know with H1N1 swine flu deal? I now what it feels like to have all the comforts of home and by that I mean a really nice home cooked meal. So that is what I did. I ran home really quick after work and started making chicken lazone, and, yes, AND chocolate angel food cake. Nummy! And guess what MOM? It all turned out fantastical! Really! Nothing burned, fell, became lopsided, or heaven forbid, unedible. In fact, it was REALLY GOOD. Just ask the sisters. So I think I won their confidence back in me, in the cooking area. Lets just say that I fell asleep with a really big smile on my face. I am not a cooking loser AT ALL. Watch out people! Here I come! LOL!  Ooooooo scary.... =)
Oh and the recipient liked it very much too. I packed everything up, within an hour. The chicken steaming over brown rice with a lovely cream sauce. Chocolate angel food cake with chocolate cream frosting, and buttered French bread. Lovely.... I wish I could do it every day for at least one person. I feel like my whole day was complete just in that. Hmmmm makes me smile!


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