Wednesday, September 30, 2009

{oink .... oink.....confirmed}

I don't even want to admit this... but I am feeling a little piggy lately. Yep, I've got it. Know how I know I got it? I have had a fever that won't go away. Chills, body aches, and hot flashes from that darn fever. My ears hurt, my eyes hurt and I just feel miserable. Than two days ago I fell walking UP stairs. Yeah... what a bone head. So now my knee looks like a line backer slammed into me. Black and blue and OUCH! A couple of coworkers went home sick today with really bad cold-like symptoms. The girl who I was with on Friday, has the swine flu and is actually home sick with it. I should probably be home sick too. But I was told that as long as I don't hang out with anyone and stay put to my desk I will be fine. Doesn't sound fair to me. But there you go... so oink oink. =)


Jack said...

Oh dear! I know a couple people who have been bitten by the flu bug this season. Hope you recover quickly - get better soon :)

Emily said...

Thank you Jack....on the mend pretty soon I hope! I guess it doesn't help working at a college either. All those sick kids you know? LOL!

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