Friday, October 2, 2009

{when nothing else matters}

Cold, dark, and rainy today. Really rainy and really cold. Actually, I got so wet walking from the building doors at work to the car that when I got home I gave myself a little blow through with the blow dryer. Sheesh... hate that icky rainy, sprinkly stuff. Makes you feel so messed up or something. Ish.

Trying to make heads and tails over stuff. Everything seems like a jumble and I can't wait until it clears up and sifts itself out. Waiting, waiting. Sheesh... I am sick of waiting. But.... I did send in my application for graduation with my thirty dollar check. Kissed that baby goodbye too. Yep.... thank God that is all going to be almost over. Can't imagine going back to school right now. Maybe I won't. We'll see.

Received a really nice call today from my college. You see, back about a month ago now I had some problems with my summer financial aid. The collections officer there at the college was super friendly and made everything smooth again. So I sent him a thank you card for all of his hard work to get me back in school. Well, I got a call from him today thanking me for the card! Isn't that nice? Wow, I was floored. And because I was gone at lunch he left a message so now whenever I have a really bad day I can just pull that voice mail out and be happy that I made this poor guys day a bright one. Imagine being a collections agent for a college? Oh my gosh... I can't even imagine a more horrible job. Except maybe for ... well... I don't think I have to talk about that. There are a whole bunch of other horrible jobs one could have. Makes me just cringe thinking about it. Any how....

My knee is getting better I think. Gosh... ice feels so nice on it. I pulled myself up to the couch last night with a really nice ice bag and watched two full movies. The X-Men trilogy. Super exciting, action, adventure stuff.

And just so you know... I plan on doing absolutely nothing this entire weekend but just laying around in my bed. Well, I do have some studying to do, naturally. But nothing really planned. And with the weather being so icky and cold and not looking any better for the weekend I am completely happy and content to just lay there too without a care in the world. Gosh, I say that and then have to knock on wood. Shoot. No wood in sight. Well. That is the way it goes. Hahaha....

Is it really strange if someone gives you a rock as a gift? Yeah... like a really nice rock and polyurethenes it? It has beautiful lovely layers of sediment from years of weather and build-up. Really neat. People keep on thinking it looks like candy. "Get your hands off my rock!" =) And so it sits at my desk... not my souvenir from a nice walk but a gosh darn cool rock, nonetheless.

So when nothing else matters and you just want to pull up the covers and hibernate until winter, is that acceptable? Because please. I just really, really want to right now. It only seems fair. Is that okay?

Picture taken by my sister Laura... Two Harbors, MN


Braveheart said...

Hi Emily love the log and hey if you feel like pulling the covers up and just kickin back all weekend then that is what to do it is you who has to decide miss you all

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