Thursday, September 24, 2009

{update from the Caribbean}

So as promised, here is an update from St. Vincent and the Guadulupe Home.

"Our fears were correct in assuming that the worst has occured," said Stephen and Mom last night when they called. "Things are really rough and the girls in the home are not doing well either. The house mother who takes care of them is beyond her wits end on how to handle the situation." So Mom is going to be taking the house mother to lunch on Friday for a little chat. Gosh... all the things we take for granted not living in on a third world island. The necessities of life lacking around every corner. Even more so, the necessity of love, happiness, and prosperity of the spirit. But that is what Mom and Stephen are the best at. Bringing life, love and prosperity back into hopeless situations. Us girls are thinking about you! Hang in there!

Last night I slept better than I have in a long while. No more worrying thoughts about issues of the heart. No more faces to remember when I first open my eyes. It was a wonderful thing. Let me tell you. Finally, my mind free from all that which was trying to hold me back from the future. I am free now. More free than I have ever felt. I can live... and live I shall.

The cold is better too! Thanks for all of your kind words. Hey, if I am going to push anything I am going to push Airborne. Sheesh... that stuff really works. Amazing actually. A dear friend at work actually recommended it. I was leary. All that weird stuff you know. But what could hurt, right? I mean it is better than getting a full blown cold. So I have been taking it and boy can I see the difference. Even after this morning. I don't have a sore throat, my face although still a little tight is much better than it was yesterday and I can actually take a full breathe without feeling like I am going to wheeze. It feels so nice to be able to breathe. I can breathe again... for more than just one reason. I am free. Love it!

Okay... so as far as this day goes... class tonight. I have two little papers due. I must say though that it is getting really hard sitting for four straight hours in a row. Ten minute breaks aren't long enough. I feel so antsy when I sit there. Trying to pay attention when sometimes I feel like I just really want to roll my eyeballs. Is this what I am paying for? For someone to read from the book for me? I could teach the class... no really. I have been told I could. Make you feel nice and just really irritated at the same time. But, on the bright side. No tests for this class. Just weekly book reports and oh, a final paper, but only five pages. Boring. Give me some meat. Should I be careful what I wish for? Maybe... but then again... give me something my mind can actually fathom and dwell in. Not, your job, your family life, or you issues with politics. Can't stand teachers like that. Nice to know them, but not know them. Do you get my drift? Thursday morning grumblings... not really. Just insightful chatter about the undergraduate undervantage of unbelievable stupidness. Ha... here come the words... political academic poetry. Oh boy.... =)
Image of St. Vincent in the Grenadines


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