Friday, September 25, 2009

{happy friday + class grumblings}

Another Friday here and almost gone. Except that I am going to have a wild fun night with the girls... well, some work friends actually. Olive Garden here we come! Are you ready for us and all the giggling? I hope because once I get started you know I can't stop. Really, not that wild either. Just some good old fashioned, down in your gut laughter and I need that so bad right now. Let go of all the seriousness and just let loose right? Of course right! Whew.....Hahahah....(nervous laughter)

Class was just what I hoped to not expect last night. Another half an hour movie on the downfall of WorldCom then about an hour listening to my teacher as he sat on a chair in the front of the classroom going through all the bold words in the three chapters, discuss them very briefly, then strangely, let us go at 8:30 p.m. Okay, I am NOT complaining about the 8:30 part AT ALL. Just the fact that we honestly aren't learning a thing about Organization Behaviour. Am I losing it? I don't think so. Actually I just spoke to my supervisor Mark about it. He thinks it is diplorable. I must say that I absolutely agree. What would you do in my situation? It is $345 a credit at four credits. Three weeks and it is absolutely the same every week. Hmm.... maybe I have been just really spoiled. Anyway... so it is. Enough of that.

Okay... so today it is really quiet. Nothing going on in the work world at all. Makes you kind of buggy feeling. Again, not complaining just scratching my head on the whole boredom factor. Shhhh, right? Yep... shhhh. Not even going to alude to the fact that I seriously am going to commit work suicide if I don't get some actual project that uses my brain cells. Cells which I have payed thousands of dollars to improve, educate and doll up so that I actually make sense. Makes me batty.... =)

The girls (Little Women) are great. Got a wonderful compliment about my sister Ashley this morning. Everyone that sees her thinks she looks like Camille Belle. Oh and yes she does, actually now that I think of it. My other sister Laura looks like Elizabeth Taylor... or some people have said, and me? Well, I have had some people say I look like Michelle Williams, you know, Heath Ledger's fiance'? Hmmmm.... but I was sooo proud of Ashley today. So wonderful to have your sisters around you like I do. I love them so!

Nice being able to share with you guys all of my little musings and grumblings.. blah...right?

P.S. Hello to St. Vincent! Hope everything is going well for you two. Can't wait to hear the most recent stories this weekend. Look forward to your call!

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Braveheart said...

Hi Emily Well St Vinceny has gone to sleep i mean your mom has goodness she must she must have been so overworked that she is now catching up with her sleep honestly i am with the larks and your momn decideds to show face about mid morning what is going on. Ok tomorrow we are going to be visiting St Bens home so we are preparing for this. Our suitcases are full of toys and things for the home and we have been so excited to bring these things to the kids. You know how much time went into the picking of the gifts when we werent sure of size etc.
So in a way there is a nervousness with it. Kind of like the first day of school feeling. Were praying that it all goes as we had hoped.

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