Friday, September 25, 2009

{good night and good morning}

Another late night and my heart and mind can't shut off because they are so full of excitement. The sisters are already sleeping sound in their warm beds, cooled by soothing misty breezes coming in through their bedroom windows.The air is cool tonight and the heavens are clear and wide open. The stars in their galaxy's are brighter than I have ever seen them. Glorious to behold. Oh... if I could only sit on the edge of a star and watch the world as it turns. Hmmm... what would it be like? So far away, so silent. Could you hear their glistening? Could you hear the praises of their creation going to the One who desired them into being? I would most likely sit their in awe. Wondering why others can't believe that their isn't a God that didn't place them there. Inspiring really....

"I dreamed I was hidden away in the Milky Way,
surrounded by a thousand shining stars.
Comforted in knowing that they held me close and wouldn't let me go.
Looking down at Earth, busy, and lonely,
I realized that the people there didn't look up enough to see the beauty of the heavens and it made me cry. But I realized just how blessed I was when I awoke and a shooting star passed my window."

But then... my heart also sings....

"Then suddenly it all took shape and she wondered what it was that caused the heavens open, the stars to brighten and the air to sweetly whisper.
Calm the mind and the heart.
Be still and hear the whisper.
If only my mind would let go and my heart give chance to that whisper.
Let the Earth under my feet calm and my mind let go of the blizzard.
Be still so I can hear the whisper.
Please, be still."

Wonderful isn't it? To understand just what it is you heart truly wants to say and it can with full abandon. Night owl. Makes me nuts. Apparently I am not alone in my midnight musings. Research tells me that about 10% of the population are actual, bonafide night owls. Wow... that is a rather lonely number. I didn't know I was so unique! Hahah... here is a link to prove it. That and this new band, Owl City has me conjuring up all such wonderful musings for you... so inspiring. Their songs Fireflies and Vanilla Twilight are my favorite so far. You will love them! I know you will.

Well, dear friends..... time for me to find my soft pillow and dream!

Good night and Good morning!


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