Saturday, September 26, 2009

{update from St. Vincent}

Here are some fantastical (Is that a word? Well, it is now!) photos taken by my Papa Stephen from the balcony of their villa down in St. Vincent. A lovely thunderstorm brought all of these beautiful shades together for you to enjoy today. Wish you were there? Gosh darn it do I ever wish I was there too. I could use some sun. Hahahah.... =)

Look at the colors of that sunrise coming up. Pretty wonderful I would say. Can you just feel the humidity? I can.

Like marmalade and sweetened tea! Beautiful! Thank you Papa Stephen!


Reading, as you may know has become quite a chore for me. I used to be a veracious reader!But then textbooks put such a horrible burden of extra reading that seriously, even the sight of a book, although I must admit feeling very sad about it, just made me get an instant headache. Anything I could get my hands on in the past I would read. I have read more books and classic literature then anyone I know. I know this to be true too because I had a big conversation at work the other day about it. Some people there have never even heard of the books that I have read. SHAME on them. Terrible shame. I actually complained a little over a week ago. "Sheesh, I am so mad I have read ALL the classics." Then my beautiful Mother piped up and said, "YOU have NOT read all of the classics." Well then why the heck can't I find any I haven't read? Well I found one. And boy was it a winner. Yep, WAS. I picked it up the other day at Barnes and Noble and completed it in two hours. Yep, I was pretty into it. Hahah... The title: O Pioneers! The author: Willa Cather. Excellent. Actually, the heroine of the book, Alexandra reminded me of myself. That is, her life as a farm girl growing up on the plains of Nebraska during drought, blizzards and enduring hard, back breaking, satisfying work. It was a wonderful time to say the least. Getting lost between the pages of another's life. One I could relate to and one that I could feel, deep within. I loved the imagery of the prairie. Oh how I would love to see the prairies of my ancestors lives! Those sod houses lost in a bramble of thick prairie turf and timothy grass. Sweet, swimming in currents of lasting breezes and calming. Always there, like a friend that never abandons you. A shadow of ever present luminousity of wind, earth and endless sky. Illuminates my heart just thinking of it.

Oh and before I forget... Happy Saturday!


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