Thursday, September 3, 2009

{10 cents}

It is starring me in the face. One lonely dime and I can't buy anything with it. Strange how the value of things, even small things are unattainable. It's that way for things in our life I think too. Broken dreams, broken hearts, small things, big things. Things that attempt to steal, shake, and loosen us from the things that we felt made us secure. Sometimes its the dear things in our life that are gone in an instant with nothing to show for having it in our lives in the first place. There is no value left. No earthly value at all. People say you can't buy happiness. I agree. Does love have value? Does it have monetary value? Is there anything to show after it has been taken away, obliterated by either death, destruction or disease? You think of Scrooge in Charles Dickens' emotional tale of life, death, and in the end love. Here is a generation shaken, utterly and scornfully removed from any decent sort of life. Common people. Enjoying simple pleasures like flaming pudding and dances around blazing fires. Abundant in love. Yet the counterpart.... ruthful, indecent, the sheer and absolute epitomy of darkness, and without love. Can you not but help to reach out and touch that darkness to bring some sort of life into it? Maybe the darkness should be left alone. Maybe for hearts like mine who feel the duty to reach out, should draw back and not try so hard to encourage life and love and happiness. Always pouring, always ready to reach out and offer life. Hope where there is no hope. Life, where there is only death. I think after all of this I have discovered, that I have better leave it to the One that can heal all hearts, loosen the chains of death and produce hope and renewed joy. I think that I was trying to do this on my own and I found that I was a miserable failure. Not because maybe I couldn't do it or didn't want to but because I was wearing thin and not doing it the best that I could if I knew I gave the full load to someone that really cared. Living life, is one of the most precious gifts. I want to live mine, completely and not worry any longer. No worries. Except to breath. We all have broken areas... areas left alone in solitude tucked away in a safe place, somewhere where we don't want anyone to see, touch, or know. Yet there is someone I know, someone so special that won't charge you for love, for life, for peace, for eternity. Come to Him empty. Come to Him forsaken. Come to Him completely abandoned, scorned, forgotten and despised by this world. This world that is so conditional. This world that has a value for every moment in time. This life with Him is priceless. Sweet and without a catch.

~My heart has found sweet peace in your arms. I lay there, my head upon the heart of the One that loves me so! Be still my heart, be still the tremblings of my mind! Don't despair! For it is safe in this place, this place in the clefts of the rock. In the secret place. Where there is no pain. Oh what sweet peace my heart has found! I delight myself fully in you my Lord. Where my path is straight and there are no worries. I keep my eyes on the one my heart loves. He will direct my path!~
Jeremiah 29:11 reads....

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."


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