Wednesday, September 2, 2009

{autumn is here}

My heart is so full, full of hope and promise for this new season. I love autumn as many of you will recall from my past posts. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being completely overcome with the most glorious and dappled sunlight of fall. Morning sunrises are a glory to behold. Sweet like a burning apple with amber hues on the horizon. The air is damp and crisp and hints of willow and birch trees. The leaves are changing now too. Some just beginning to tinge on the skirts of their fair garments. Shimmering dragonflies are swimming lazily in the breeze . The little birds along with their furry little friends are scattering about, gathering the last bits of nuts and seed that they can in order to pile on a warm layer of winter abundance. I am getting ready too. Ready to bake fresh apple pies, delight in acorn squash and sip down thick soups made just for comfort. Nothing is more delightful to me than this season. This season so full of every happy wish and hopeful anticipation of harvest time and what it can bring.

Happy September Everyone!


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