Friday, September 4, 2009

{holiday weekend}

The last weekend of summer is upon us. Amazing how fast and furious it all goes. I am already missing the faint summer breezes wafting through the study window. They are cooler now and more foreboding... like the deathly chill of a creeping mystery. Fog looms in the foreground and cedar trees, snug with their evergreen mantels, appear frosted with dew, holding carefully the delicate tendrils of a spider web. The fog horn blows too. All while waiting to see a break in the clouds, searching through the unbeaten path of seaway voyage.

Wrapping up in big whool blankets while settling outside on the landing is something comforting, especially with a glass of hot tea. Sip slowly or you might miss it. Miss the happy tunes of the nuthatches and chickadees as they make their last arrangements to fly. Listen closer and hear the creaking of the birch trees as they sway above you sending one right after another of golden leaflets to the ground. They are beautiful there among the still green grass scattered about, accented by the red clay earth below.
I am thrilled about this weekend and the prospect of not laboring. I need a handful of days to gather my thoughts, my heart and my dreams into a bottle so that I can study them and look at them closer. They have become a bit scattered. A bit forgotten and a little bit ... shall we say... less important than everything else that has been going on my world. A time for peace, for relaxation!
Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! Enjoy your family time together!
Photo courtesy of Alicia Bock Photography


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