Tuesday, August 4, 2009

{Scotland Part II}

Continued from part one...

After a beautiful evening at the Onich Hotel I had the first night of good uninterrupted sleep. We awoke and had a traditional Scottish breakfast of sausage, eggs, potato scones, bacon, toast and fruit. Im addicted to their sausage. Its a finer grind then our sausage in the States. If I had no restraints on myself, I'd have it for lunch and dinner too. After our breakfast we were back on the road, we left the Fort William to go to Mallaig to fetch a ferry to Skye. Skye is magical and one of my favorite islands. The only way I can describe it is to say,

"Man builds his castles to live in, God's castle is Skye."
All of the castles in Scotland become insignificant when compared to the places and vistas I saw on my trips to the islands. It almost seemed wrong to disturb His resting place, I felt as though we came upon places that were almost private, but I knew that it was okay. He brought me here to take in this place. We drove about an hour through Skye and then we took another ferry to Uist. After retrieving the car off of the ferry, we set out to find the Langass Lodge. Many of the roads are single lanes with passing places. At dinner, in the hotel pub, I asked if there was any local entertainment on the island that he could recommend. The young man said, "Well, there is a 21st birthday with an open invitation to everyone." I glanced over to my partner for approval and all he said was, "We cant go, we dont have a present." LOL. He has this no-nonsence way about him at times. It must be the Scottish in him.

(to be continued)


Anonymous said...

Love the quote!

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