Monday, August 3, 2009

{Guest Blogger from Scotland: My Mother}

Good Morning Everyone!

I am happy to announce that my Mother, Deborah has taken over as guest blogger for the next couple of days to update you all on her trip to Scotland. Yes, Scotland! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did hearing about it. So here is the first of a few posts regarding her trip. So please help in welcoming her to the blogging world! Enjoy!

"I've just been back for a week and as always, vacations (holidays) are way too short. Most British business professionals enjoy 30 day holidays a year. They are encouraged to use it. We Americans, often feel penalized if we take are vacations at all. My luggage did not arrive with me in Edinburgh (pronounced Edinburra) but my boyfriend and I decided we would not wait for it to show up since ferries were paid for and deposits put down for lodging so we decided that we would start out on our adventure anyway; island hopping along the west coast of Scotland. Stephen picked me up at the airport and after a cup of Tetley tea and a quick stop at the local store for jeans and tops and a couple changes of underwear (they call them pants) we were on our way. My tour guide (Stephen) brought along some of his favorite Scottish music CDs. I found a few of them rather amusing. If you get a chance look up "Donald Where's Your Troosers?" and "Andy Where's Your Kilt?" and you'll get the idea. LOL. We stopped for a fish and chip supper (fish and french fries) in a Fish and Chip shop in Calendar. You are asked what kind of sauce you want to go with it and my favorite has become something called Brown Sauce (sweetened, thickened worchestire sauce) absolutely nummy and also are you ready.....batter fried sausage. Oh my gosh! On my 5'2" frame this is not good, but because I was suffering from sadness over my lost luggage and being overly tired and.....well, you know, I needed comfort food. I know you all understand. LOL. I have to say that out of all the fish and chip shops we visited on our trip that place was the best. We finally arrived a few hours later at a lovely Manor aside a Loch (lake). Because we arrived later then expected the dining room was closed and the inn owner made for us tuna sandwiches to eat. Do you know that at 11:00 p.m. the sky was illuminated as if with a night light? Beautiful! We could see across the loch to the hills and we watched as the darkness came in as we ate our tuna sandwiches with the Champagne Stephen brought for our first night together after almost 2 months. Delightful!

The majority of Scottish people I have found are very gentle and mannerly. They seem to have a inbuilt awareness of allowing people space. I believe this is because most of the Scots live in close proximity to each other instead of the sprawling urban areas that we are used to in America. They are a very courteous and speak in hushed tones as not to annoy or offend one another. I have to say that when I was on my way back home to the States on a plane from Amsterdam to Detroit I could tell that I was indeed on the right plane as I was surrounded by my very vocal fellow citizens whom seem to have alot to say and want everyone around them to hear it. LOL. I felt as if I needed a pair of ear-plugs. I'm wondering what makes us Americans soooo vocal? Is it because of all of the space around us that we need to yell a little louder to be heard or do American mothers tolerate louder vocals in the crib when our toddlers are crying out for their milk? LOL! Just as a experiment, Id like each of you to make a conscious effort as you go about your day to listen to the incessant loud chatter as you are in the grocery stores or shopping markets, and then close your eyes and plug your ears.............that's Scotland."

(to be continued)


Braveheart said...

This sounds like it was a wonderful trip do they all go around with kilts in the islands Im looking forward to reading the follow ups

Emily said...

Thank you for your comment! It is so nice to hear from other bloggers. The next two installments are up for viewing! Enjoy!

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