Thursday, July 23, 2009

here's to happiness {by jack}

If you have ever gotten a chance to read Jack's blog then you will know what I mean when I say that she is a creative and passionate blogger. With beautiful photos, insightful advice and musings, her blog is on the top of my to go list for inspiration. So check out her happiness list below {and her blog..} and you will see what I mean... Jack's list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:

1. My beautiful family.
2. Cuddling with the hubby.
3. My new house (we move in August 18th)
4. Empty laundry baskets.
5. Eating warm, gooey brownies straight from the pan.
6. Huge fluffy white clouds.
7. Getting a compliment from a stranger.
8. French bread and brie.
9. Long drives in the country side.
10. Accomplishing a goal I set for myself.
{photo taken by Jack}
Thank you Jack and good luck on your move!


Jack said...

Thank you again for asking me to participate in your new theme Emily!

Looking forward to following along :)

kaye said...

I love Jack's blog too--and visit it every single day

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