Wednesday, July 8, 2009

{here's to your happiness}

So I have been inspired like I have never been inspired before. Naomi over at the Rockstar Diaries has inspired me to begin a tribute to happiness. In these tough times there is nothing better than hearing what makes people happy. So just to get happiness up and going I am going to share with you 10 things that make me terribly happy... play along or otherwise I will tag you! So keep 'em coming!

1. Spending time with my mom and two sisters (a.k.a the Little Women)
2. Taking long walks on the pier connecting Park Point to Canal Park
3. Hunting for heart rocks on what I have coined the "sea of hearts" in Grand Marais
4. Singing in church
5. Making delicious cakes from scratch
6. Surprising people with little gifts, and them never finding out who did it
7. Taking road trips to anywhere and getting lost on purpose
8. Smiling at complete strangers and seeing their reaction
9. Listening to falling rain pitter patter on the tin roof of our library
10. Remembering the days when I spent all afternoon in a barn playing with baby animals


Erin said...

Have you ever read I think you'd really like it!

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