Thursday, June 25, 2009

{thursday eye candy}

Love collages!

Daydreaming of this day!

Lovely breakfast table!

Another quaint room!

A front porch with geraniums!

Wouldn't this be a lovely little room for two sisters?

Love summer front porches!

My future dream house. Love Cape Cod details.

Just like a Safari!

Romantic! I love the votives hanging from above!

Dark libraries to get lost in are my favorite!

Love the blue backdrop in this kitchen...

Love this day bed in an Italian setting...
Love the mirrors!

There are just no if, ands, or buts about it! I have to have this tub! Have to!!

Again... a library...even a small one is great!

Beautiful and secret hideaway!
If you haven't already found this blog than you have been missing out! Seriously! Beautiful rooms, homes, and sceneries. So check it out. All photos are credited and courtesy of Sweet Home Style. Enjoy!


Sawyer said...

Oh, I love this Collage!! I've been thinking of turning the hallway leading up to my room into a giant, cheerful collage.

Also, the kitchen is fabulous!


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