Monday, June 29, 2009

{three day weekends and road trips}

Three day weekends can really mess you up, especially when you try not to hit the snooze button twice on your way out of bed on Monday morning. How much more painful can it get? Pretty..... okay... all that aside.

But Friday was wonderful! My Little Women and my best friend headed down to Hayward, Wisconsin (about an hour away South East of Duluth) for a little fun time in the sun. Little did we know that they were celebrating Musky Fest (it's a fish) and they had a like a million different vendors lined up in quaint little tents up and down the main street. Hayward is like the home of the Musky and they even have a huge Musky fish in the middle of town in honor of it. I am sure it is a huge fisherman's delight. I can just see them salivating now! We enjoyed a buffet lunch at Coops Pizza Parlour (with like the best pizza in the world!) and strode on over to the Lumber Jack stands where in July they will be hosting the big try-outs for that as well. We had iced lattes, chocolate covered cashews from Tremblay's Sweet Shop, and shaved ice from the corner stand. It was wonderful! We all got a little sun which felt so good too!
Now if I can just handle another three day weekend coming up this Friday then I think I will be okay.... Hahah!


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