Thursday, May 21, 2009

{well on my way}

So I may have shared this with you in the past about my desire to pursue law school. So I have contacted everyone I know who to contact about law school and now I am just waiting. I am looking out for the golden "sign" that says "pick me! pick me!" There is still a feeling of peacelessness about it though. This fall I will have been going to college for about nine years (I started early, when I was 16). Law school is 3 more years and about $200,000. I am trying to see beyond the reality but I can't. Right now, I can't imagine doing three more years of school or have $200,000 in loans. It just isn't economical or exciting. Am I short changing myself? I think I am more worried about the money right now. Three years wouldn't mean anything unless I had the money to go. Being I am set on being a non profit lawyer, in legal aid or a public defender, the likelihood of being able to pay off those loans...well you can understand. So now, I am just praying, praying that I will see God's will in all of this. If it is His will the money will come and if its not I know that being in His will for my life is more important than going to law school. There is peace in knowing that His will is more sweet and more wonderful than anything I can ask for. Who knows, maybe I will miss out on the best gift if I go away to law school. Waiting is hard... but it is also something I have become very good at...


xnapoleonx said...

Wow, $200.000, that's pretty much insane.

I'm finishing college this year, and I'm restarting at law school next year. That wouldn't be so if it weren't a totally different situation here. Education is way less expensive here..

It would be a big decision, but what about erasmus'd have to leave your family/friends but it would be a big experience and quite a bit less expensive I think.

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