Tuesday, May 19, 2009

{seeing red - its a good thing}

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved red hair. I mean LOVE it! There is no one in our family that has red hair and I don't even have red hair except for a little strawberry undertones in my blonde hair. I had a red haired doll, babysat for a family that had eight red headed children, watched Anne of Green Gables like there was no tomorrow, and my best friend just happened to have red hair. Along with all that red headed madness, my Mother has joked that I will end up marrying a red head and have pasty white skinned babies who burn in the sun and have wild tempers (I hope this wasn't offensive to anyone of you). Okay first of all, I have the whitest skin of anyone I know, and burn terribly. Second of all, I once didn't have a very tame temper and was quite independant. It will be amazing to see what happens!


Carrie said...

red-heads with freckles are my favorite :)

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