Friday, April 10, 2009

{back in the swing of things}

Hello Everyone!
Blog land has become no land for me lately. I have been working on a few huge cases at work and just really haven't gotten to get back to you on anything that has been going on. We have had two major snow storms that closed work down for a couple of days and on top of that, our neighbors in Fargo/Moorehead have been swimming near the Red River Valley with all that flooding. We have some flooding now too but most of it has been in low lying areas which isn't very common in Duluth because we are jokingly called the "Hilly City" by our southern friends in the Twin Cities.
I am finishing up on my last Spring I term on the 23rd with two presentations in my Marketing and Statistics class. I am going straight through this summer with classes too. I will graduate this December (right before Christmas) with my bachelors! I am so excited! Now comes the big question. Do I continue on to go and get my masters and then doctorate after that? Or do I go on and pursue law school like I have always thought I would do. The only thing is, is that all the way around I am going to have to make a move of it. These courses that I want to take are all located down in the Twin Cities, two-three hours away. I could be a weekend student and drive back and fourth every weekend. But then again is it worth all the gas money? I barely have enough free time as it is and I spend my weekends with my family (I am lucky to have all my friends at work). I don't know if I am willing to give that precious time up with them. I mean, okay I'm going to by twenty-five at the end of this month. I should go and spread my wings, see what the world has to offer. But then again I am a small town girl that loves my lake, loves my family, and loves the life that she has made here. I am not one of those to get caught in a rut of sorts but I just don't appreciate St. Paul and Minneapolis enough to live their full time, it is a nice place to visit though, don't get me wrong! Do you have any advice? What do you wish you would have done if you had had the chance to do it, but didn't take the opportunity? I ponder the idea of taking the year off and becoming a gypsy of sorts and traveling with my sister. I have been in college since I have been 16. Never had the break to go and discover and be adventurous. I think it would do me good. Just a thought. A never ending thought to a never ending answer....I'm afraid.


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