Tuesday, April 14, 2009

{epiphany of sorts}

I had a huge awakening this weekend. I have been a little overwhelmed about my place in life. Really, what my calling is. We all have certian gifts, talents, and characteristics that make us unique and able to give something back to the world in a way different from the person standing next to us. I knew I had something important to do, and honestly the idea of what that important thing was kept me awake at night. I had to find it. I had to start out walking in that direction. Well I found it and I want to share it all with you.

While driving on a rather lonely but beautiful spot of land known as Park Point on Minnesota Avenue I had an "ah ha" moment with the engine off and my mind at rest watching the rippling seams of careless waves caress the shoreline. I looked back on my very short, almost 25 years. Reminisced over all those beautiful and not so beautiful moments. My childhood, my growing up, my education. One thing kept on coming up to the forefront and that was that I knew if I didn't go and pursue my law degree that I would be exstremely short changing myself. Ever since I graduated two years ago with my Paralegal degree I knew that law was something I loved. Graduating this upcoming December with my B.A. in Management was another huge step but one I knew when finished was not totally complete. So you are all the first to know that next May I am going to be moving to Minneapolis and pursing my law degree at one of the four colleges that offer law degrees. William Mitchell, Hamline University, the University of St. Thomas, or the University of Minnesota. I haven't quite decided yet as this is all brand new to me yet. We will be selling the house and my sister Laura and I are going to find an apartment close to one of the universities, find a job, and go to school full time for another two years.

I am excited as well as a little scared. I have never done anything like this before! But I know that this is my calling and there is peace in that.

Thanks for all your well wishes and prodings!


Kathy Wigley / NATURESCAPE said...

I agree with you in what you are saying about our gifts and talents that make us unique and with them we give back to the world. I quit a job I had in 2006, rented out two homes, moved to St. Louis and found an apartment and a part time job within 3 weeks of starting Massage Therapy classes at Missouri College in 2006. Massage was something that interested me back on the late 1990's but as a mother of 3 young kids in Nebraska, the class hours and motherhood collided. Instead of massage school I followed through in my horticulture interest and attend night and weekend class earning an A.A.S. in Landscape Design and an A.A.S. in Nursery Management.

Now I am furthering my career & educational interests with physical therapy and holistic nutrition. I also just became a Master Gardener in the county where I live.

I have family members who are so afraid to go after what they want. A brother who thinks we women should know our place while he lets his fears talk him out of his dreams and a sister who is held down by her spouse and struggles just to dream.

With my sons, I have tried to be an example to them to "grow" their talents, learn to make an income doing what they enjoy and give back to the world. I believe in doing this you are serving God. I have been blessed in pursuing my passions, doors have opened and I am able to encourage and educate others on the health aspects of horticulture and massage.

Congratulations on your decision to "grow your talents" and give back to the world through your gifts. Your are making the right decision in your life.

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