Friday, March 13, 2009

{happy friday and a request}

Sunny again and warming up. Sorry that all I have been lately is weather updates (like you care.) But what is exciting is that spring does seem to be finally here again. It is they say going to be 52 degrees on Monday. That is like "hot" for us. Who knows. The other day I got a beautiful arrangement of lovely daffodils for my desk. It makes everything so springy and sunshining.
So... this brings me to my all important question. I am growing a little blog complacent and need some inspiration. I know all of you out there have your own favorite blog sites to visit. Whether it be your own or someone elses I would love to hear about them. Please comment and give me a round up. I promise I will share all the links first thing Monday. So get on your thinking caps and share away!
Have a great weekend!


ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

do you read oh so beautiful paper?

nole's blog is always SO inspiring!

NancyS. said...

Just be yourself! Write about everything-go and check out , she's written for yrs on just about everything, really everything. She keeps nothing from her readers.
Just be yourself. And try and write daily or at least every other day. Even if it's just something simple like going to get coffee or how the Lake looks. Take a camera will you and post pics if you can seem to write anything.
Just talk. It gets easier. Good luck.

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