Tuesday, March 10, 2009

{perfect storm...another blizzard}

Hello Everyone!

Okay, so as I am typing this the very poor weather man from the Weather Channel (yes, the man from the Weather Channel is here in Duluth) is reporting live from Canal Park on our impending blizzard that is going to bring upwards of 14 inches of snow, 50 mile an hour winds, and 20-40 below windshields. Only I feel so bad for him because I hate to say it, but the poor guy is not going to make it. That L.L. Bean jacket and beanie is not going to do anything for him I'm afraid. I don't care what L.L. Bean says on their products, nothing can keep you warm enough for a Duluth blizzard. So to keep in the spirit of it all, I am playing James Horner's Perfect Storm soundtrack today and enjoying every bit of it. The sky is nearly black as the storm comes rolling in. We anticipated being snowed in for a few days so Mom went to the store last night and stocked up on a few items, like tiolet paper, oatmeal, candles, and milk. Oh and then I went to pick up a few movies and chips and soda for a party because over at my house we celebrate storms like there is a celebrity coming to town, almost as exciting when Renee Zelweger and Goerge Clooney came to town to promote their football film that they did. So here goes! It will be a big one! YAY!


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