Thursday, January 15, 2009

22 Below and Freezing!

Okay... if you haven't been watching the news lately or you don't live far enough north than maybe you are completey unaware that Minnesota, especially Duluth is in a cold snap. Right now it is -22 below and so cold that when you walk outside you can feel the moisture being sucked right out of your face. It is literally the most painful type of cold that you could ever experience. I must say though, that even though this cold is deadly I love it! It gets me so excited! When I was young I would have dreams of being a little Eskimo girl. Wrapped in all my fine furs, walking between ice covered huts, building fires and hunting with my family. I have never been able to quite shake those intense feelings of my love for that kind of cold. Strange I know. One of my favorite movies is Dr. Schivago. I loved watching the scenes of the ice strangled land, Lara's fur hat and surviving in a place that was uninhabitable. I can't imagine moving to a place that didn't have a real winter. Call me crazy but I think that makes me a true Minnesotan!


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