Wednesday, January 21, 2009


You can feel it in the air. Spring is on its way. The cold temperatures have finally (well for the day any way) left and it is 23 degrees out today! Something us Duluthians call a "heat wave", then after we say that in passing we all laugh and say, "Are we crazy?" But it is true. During my lunch break at work yesterday I drove home and changed into something less warm. Exchanging my sweater for a lovely tailored jacket instead. I knew that being at my desk all day would be absolute torture, especially if I was sweating the whole way through it.

Just the other day, the little birds were telling me how excited they were too of the warmer weather. Every morning now, there is beautiful frost holding captive every spare branch. The cobalt skys and breathtaking sunsets are so unbeliavable. When I get home, I make myself a quick cup of tea and just sit and watch the sun set from our front room. Some days I need a little quiet just to shake of the cares of the world. This is how I relax after a long day of making everyone elese's day relaxing! I giggle when I think of it. Dah! Wow, if I can think of it that way than I can really enjoy my day a little more I think!


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