Thursday, December 18, 2008

O Christmas Tree!

This is a picture of our lovely little Christmas tree outside on the patio. Isn't it darling? This tree is about six feet high and not the one I spent hanging from trying to light a few weeks ago. You can see with the recent snow fall just how lovely it turned out and how it glows. I call it Evangeline only because every sweet little tree needs a name. Mother only shakes her head at me. Makes me giggle! What is even more sweet is seeing the little birds flit in and out of her throughout the day, eating their cracked seed and chirping away happily.
Weather Update: Still very cold. The early morning high was 21 degrees below zero. Many of us here in Duluth can't remember having such a bitterly cold December. This is usually weather reserved for January. That is until this weekend when we expect it to warm up slightly and bring upwards of four inches of fluffly snow. Just in time for a really white Christmas! How exciting!
Have a wonderful day everyone!


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