Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lovely Fruit

Hello all my friends. I have had a wonderful time this past week and spent some time really answering some deep questions that I am sure all young people my age ask, like: "Should I continue my education?"; "Should I be hurried about getting married?"; and most of all, "How can I contribute to the world?"

All these questions have been eating away at me. But in my own private prayer time they were answered this week. Yes, I am going to be continuing my educaiton. I have signed up for classes this fall for an accelerated evening degree program to finish my bachelors in a little under a year. Yeah! I then decided on marriage. I am a huge marriage type person. A devoted homebody and love homemaking and everything that goes along with that (my Mother taught me well!). So I have been utterly broodish lately, horribly. All my friends are married or engaged (I have been to three weddings alone this summer), I am so deeply happy for them. My Mother, very sweetly came up to me and said that she thought I was ready to pursue a relationship if I wanted to. Ughhh. I don't know what to feel. I just need some time to live my life singly first before I share it. Does that sound selfish? I want to be an accomplised person when he comes along and I want to have finished some things first, like my education and my list of things "to do". Actually, once I decided this I immediately felt this peace come over me that I have never experienced. Instead of being worried about where I should be I know that it will come to me. Then my last question about contributing to the world is simple as this. I want to be a women who young girls can look up to and admire and someone who mature women can be proud of. It is as simple as that. If I can live a genuine life, expressing genuine unconditional love to everyone I meet then I will have lived a very complete life. Wouldn't you say? Whew. This post sounds more like a journal entry then what I had intended to be, about lovely summer fruit. But then again growing is all about producing fruit like as it says in Matthew 7:16 "By their fruits you will know them." Please God, may my fruit be pleasing and not rotten, may it be healthy and vibrant and able to weather the storm and feed the multitudes!


Linn said...

What a nice post. You are wise to get your "to do"s checked off so that you'll be truly ready to settle down when he comes along. I think your hopes and prayer at the end are right on. Best of luck at school this fall!

Emily said...

Thank you Linn! I really appreciate your feedback on the last few posts. It is so nice to have someone out there that undertands what you are talking about. Thank you for the well wishes!
P.S. I like your blog too!
Blessings Always~ Emmy

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