Friday, August 8, 2008

This looks like fun!

I love water. Growing up by one of the worlds largest fresh water lakes is probably one of the reasons. Being by the ocean is very similar to me in respects to being by Lake Superior. All you can see is water in every direction, occasionally an ocean going ship, or salty, as we refer comes by and into port to unload precious cargo while gulls swoop in on the shoreline (kind of looks similar to a scene from the opening of the Perfect Storm). Locals here in Duluth love surfing and do so when the waters get a little more active usually in September or October when the winds pick up. It is rather comical to see them in their wet suits and surfer boards hightailing it out on the shore and catching a big wave, then crashing back in. It always makes front page headlines on the Duluth News Tribune or Lake Superior Magazine (click link to see former pictures). Me and my sisters will pack a lunch and sit in the car while looking out over the beach, giggling, holding our breath, and closing our eyes as we watch them make near misses. It is pretty great entertainment! What are some of the activities that are recognized as things to do in your neighborhoods? Are any of them a little out of place as surfing on a lake? I have plenty of others that are pretty interesting in Duluth which I will be sharing pretty soon.
Photo Courtesy of Lake Superior Magazine


Linn said...

Ha! It's funny that you'd mention things that are out of place, as my last couple blog entries have been about going to the meadow and the creek, two places that I think most people in my city don't even know are there! Any sort of wild naturey expeditions are out of place in my super suburban OC!

BTW, even stranger than surfing on a lake is surfing in a drain, like I saw them do when I lived in Germany. If I can find a link to a picture, I'll post it!

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