Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm Leavin' on a Jet Plane... La la la

Yes that's right! I'm a leavin'! Tomorrow, I am heading out on a jet plane from Minneapolis to oh so sunny Orlando, Florida. I am going with my little women to just have fun and relax and get out of dodge. The weather in Duluth right now is already starting to turn into fall. Older trees are starting to turn a tint of orange and the air is considerably cooler than it was last week. Today I woke up to thick fog and 50 degree temperatures. I felt like a sea bound maiden crossing the moors, the only person I was missing was my Heathcliff, (love him!). Any way, back to the real world. Okay so yes, I will be gone for an entire week! I can't believe it! I will be back on Monday the 25th, all tan and gorgeous. Okay not really, I burn terribly being so fair skinned so I will have to be extremely careful.

We are going to see Sea World and Epcot and Universal Studies as well as just lounge around and see the sea! I hope you have all a wonderful time when I am gone! I will miss you all!



Linn said...

Fall doesn't come around here until late September, and even then, I'm sure others who have 'real' fall would laugh at what I call fall. You and I must be kindred spirits (I hope you've read Anne Shirley) because I always 'get' your whatever literature you're thinking of! Have fun on your trip and don't let yourself burn...I know how that is.

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