Monday, October 15, 2007

My Family: The Little Women

If any one has known my family they will know that we are referred to as the little women. It is quite a true assumption being that we are three girls and a mother who are desperately in need of each other, love being around each other, and have just the most wonderful time in life together. It is one of my favorite films to watch together because we all pick out our characters so well being that we all fall into one of the sister categories. So I am sure you want to know who is which too, here goes:

I am Meg 100%. Being the oldest maybe that was just a given but she ,or I as it were, have the very same ideals about life. We are the second care taker when Marmie is gone, take on the world's cares in an instant, have always as my sisters and mother comment "love red heads," and am down-right settled on having twins, a boy and a girl.

Laura is in everyway Jo. Gosh if anyone has gotten into the most amount of mischief and has had the most amount of dreams of adventure and living the life that wasn't waisted it is her. She is definitely the other worrier of the family and definitely very Jo-like in everyway.

Ashley, the last little sister is very much a mixture of little Amy and Beth. Beth just a little because she plays the piano beautifully and Amy most of all because she holds that spoiled last child syndrome, even still we love her because of it. She has Beth's sensitivity and loving nature but Amy's creativity and charm.

Mother is very much like Marmie. With her husband away and her on her own to take care of her little women she has to be strong and resilient. She has gone through the hardships of life and still comes out with a smile, a hug that sets everything right, and a reserve that would make even a grown man balk under her strength. She is strength itself and being Meg I hope I can follow as close to her footsteps in her kindness, love, Godly leadership, mothering, and strength.

So this is for the girls. I love you! Your Minnie


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