Thursday, January 24, 2008

Love this Guy

A while ago I posted on my love for Pushing Daisies on ABC. But what I love even more is Ned the pie baker played by Lee Pace. Every girl out there probably loves the same thing about him. His sweetness, his sincerity and his ability to make the girl he can't touch still stay devotedly in love with him just because he is himself. That is something to be admired! I believe in my heart that every woman truly above all else wants a gentalman who can be himself just as much as he seeks the same in return. Am I wrong ladies? Come on and help me out here. What makes your significant other worth desiring? Not his job or his money or even his looks. But what is it about him as a person, his deepest soul that attracted you to him? I also welcome responses from the guys as well on their wives!


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