Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Friday: In a Slump

Do you ever have those days were you feel like your in a slump? This has just been such a crazy week and with classes starting up again on Monday, and meetings to organize I think I may be just a little overwhelmed. Today I went to lunch and forgot to bring the spoon for my soup. So there I was for an hour, my hot soup curling up in front of me and I couldn't even enjoy it. Then my battery went out on my cell phone right in the middle of an important phone call and then I came back to work to hear more news about a coworker who transferred to a new job in the same department is getting a promotion and hasn't even passed her probation period yet. It just doesn't make sense really. Some days you just feel unapreciated. I really almost always have good days. But today I just feel inwardly like being crabby. Is anyone else feeling that way or is it just me? Awe well I will get over it!

So last night we had a wonderful birthday party for my sister Laura. I ordered a fantastic meal of Italian roasted chicken. Well when it got to my plate it was half a Rock Cornish hen on my plate, HALF! I couldn't believe it. Besides the huge servings of rosemary potatoes and seasoned vegetables I was so full I couldn't even take in a spoonful of my sisters Tiramisu dessert. Needless to say all of us girls had a wonderful time, even Grandma Marlene and Fritz enjoyed it too.


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