Thursday, December 15, 2011

{merry merry christmas}

It's been a very merry Christmas around the McClain home. Just look at that wreath full of 'joy'. Honestly... It couldnt be more cute! I'm even more proud because I made it. Yes, Emme made it. Her very own Christmas wreath. :-D the only thing missing? A bow. I know. I have the ribbon but at this point not the guts... Or should i say the know how on how to make one. Well I would have if Safari on my iPhone would have let me download the video from Better Homes and Gardens on how to make a bow for a Christmas wreath. I guess that's just a another tell tale sign that I need to buckle down and spend the extra buckeroos for the 4S. Well, soon... mobile Blogger. Soon! But in any case, here it is. I love it alot!


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